You are more powerful than you know & they fear the day you discover it ...

SeRvices FrOm ...

                                                  Essence of Power by LVS

'Confidence is the companion of Success'...

Maintain a healthier lifestyle and learn how to master your  behaviours. This will enable you to achieve your  Stress and weight management goals as well as so much more, with the bespoke coaching I provide. All my programmes focus on mastering your habits, allowing you to become the ruler of your own universe. Moreover, in my motivational talks, I look to inspire people to either begin the journey to greatness or to help them on the journey they are already on I inspire our youth to change their attitude and believe that they can achieve anything. 

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Motivational Presentations...

'Nothing can dim the light that shines from within'

Each presentation is tailored to the needs of the seminar and the individuals that attend. Making sure each seminar holds a lasting and powerful message that is shared with the listeners to motivate and inspire them to go into the world and be all  that they were born to be. 

The purpose of my motivational presentations is to inspire, nurture, and motivate everyone that attends in all aspects of their lives, including how they deal with problems.
I deliver all presentations in an energetic and uplifting way to get everyone engaged and motivated as movement is energy, and energy is life.

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Health Coaching ... 

'Specialising in weight, Stress management and raising energy levels'

The Total Transformation – A 90-day intensive programme consisting of 12-weekly, 45-minute long sessions. Personalised to your experiences, outcomes, challenges, and paths, this programme is designed to change your habits towards food, nutrition, and stress. Changing your habits is relatively easy, and when you make these necessary changes, the impact on your health and well-being will be life-changing.You will also learn how to make this sustainable.

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Customised Self Confidence Coaching...

'Once you believe in yourself, nothing can stop you'

Each one of the tailor made 90 day transformations courses will allow you to metamorphosis into your true powerful self.

I have dedicated my life to finding out the answers everyone is always asking themselves, What am I and what is my purpose in life, how do I find my purpose and how does the mind/body and soul work, so that I can make it work for me. Though extensive studying,
research, conversations and deep thinking I have discovered a big secret everything works on a system and once you discover the equation of that system you have cracked the code and you just have to apply the same code every time you want to get the same results.

I am going to show you on this course how the code works but not only am I going to show you , I am going to teach you so you can replicate what you have learn and use it for others in
your life as well as anything else life has to through at you.

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'Courage' by Shoshi....

Online Training available...

Courage is an online program that helps people create a life that reflects their own individuality dreams, their wants, their choices. 

Shoshi start by looking at where you are now, and she will dig deep into your values, want really matters to you, the beliefs that are shaping the life you’re living. She will realign your focus so that you channel your energy in the right direction. 

You’ll work on techniques like meditation, journaling and visualisation to create positive habits that will propel you forward, and lastly we’ll cover how to build a positive loving relationship with yourself that makes all things possible! The Courage community will give you the opportunity to interact with other members and allow us to support each other as we each work through our own transformation.

Created by  Shoshi Winstanley-Brown 'Style and Life coach'.

Belief's + Behaviour = Habit