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'Confidence is the companion of Success'...

Maintain a healthier lifestyle and learn how to master your  behaviours. This will enable you to achieve your  Stress and weight management goals as well as so much more, with the bespoke coaching I provide. All my programmes focus on mastering your habits, allowing you to become the ruler of your own universe. Moreover, in my motivational talks, I look to inspire people to either begin the journey to greatness or to help them on the journey they are already on I inspire our youth to change their attitude and believe that they can achieve anything. 

More information is available, just email me and I will be happy to help. 

A presentation to a large amount of people

Motivational Presentations...

'Nothing can dim the light that shines from within'

Each presentation is tailored to the needs of the seminar and the individuals that attend. Making sure each seminar holds a lasting and powerful message that is shared with the listeners to motivate and inspire them to go into the world and be all  that they were born to be. 

The purpose of my motivational presentations is to inspire, nurture, and motivate everyone that attends in all aspects of their lives, including how they deal with problems.
I deliver all presentations in an energetic and uplifting way to get everyone engaged and motivated as movement is energy, and energy is life.

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'Unleash your inner Warrior and Master your subconscious mind' 

If you would like to -

*Master your Subconscious and unlock your true Essence.

*Discover your Purpose and begin to create a life you love.

*Learn to overcome your fears and let go of passed trauma that may be holding you

*Build lasting confidence to go after all your desires in this lifetime.

*Learn how to communicate with yourself to set achievable goals.

*Create health habits to manage stress and improve your energy levels.

*Master Self Love to create you’re world the way you want it.

Essence of Power by LVS Ltd would like to offer you a tailor made full 90 day
transformational coaching program.

What we Offer 

30minutes Consolation – We will spend this time discovering just what your future could hold for you once you learn to master yourself to achieve your deepest desires. Nothing is impossible once you know how to get it.

You will have an opportunity to look into the future that you have always dreamed of and
begin to understand how it feels if you let go of all your fears and step in to your unlimited confidence.

If you chose to move forward to your full tailored transformational program, you will
receive 12weeks of 40minutes sessions helping you understand and train your subconscious to work for you.

Each week we cover a different section of the tailored programme that is specifically
designed to help you discover your true powers.

Essence Of Power by LVS Ltd will also provide you with your very own

Power workbook that has all the 12 sessions with additional work content and
activities to help you organise and keep a record of your progress so that you
can always refer to the information when needed.

What your workbook contains:

*Main points of the weeks session

*Health information

*Activities to Help lower stress leaves and improve energy levels.

*Hints and Tips on staying mindful, fit in body mind and soul.

                              And so much more …

Use the helpful tools to build on your weekly sessions, so you can keep your growth

At the end of the 90days you would have developed new habits leading to new behaviours, so that you can develop the mind set for success in all areas of your life.
This programme hopes to help you to better understand and apply the habits you
need to master your life and live your way, Free from fear of the unknown and
move forward in your inner power.

Unlock your potential for greater success.

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