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My name is Leyandra,  I'm a Qualified Health and life coach that Specialises in Confidence coaching.  I am also a  Motivational Speaker and Radio Presenter in my local community. 

My objective is to empower and enlighten people from all walks of life to reach their full potential. Moreover, I am passionate about what I do, and I resolutely believe that there is nothing you cannot achieve, all you must do is take that first daunting step into the unknown. From this, your transformation starts.

My ambition is to inspire and motivate you to pursue your aspirations, while also becoming the very best version of yourself, and I do this in the most fun and enjoyable ways possible.

Life is not meant to be hard or depressing, I truly believe we are put here to enjoy our experiences and learn from each one of them to make us  better humans to one another and to our planet. 

In my programmes, I concentrate on self-love and growth in a nurturing environment where there is the least resistance. Moreover, my coaching focuses on changing your behaviour therfor developing lasting change not giving you a quick fix, I achieve this by helping you find tangible results, while also teaching you coping strategies that is tailered to individual needs on how to effectively deal with any situation.

You only have one life, why not make it the greatest adventure?

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 Who is Leyandra ...

My Story begins in Guyana ( South America) Were I was born...

I moved to England when I was very little but I quickly learnt that I was very much responsible for my own happiness. I found myself quickly falling into depressions and that then developed into anxiety, then into PTSD. This all starting from the age of 6 and seemed to keep getting worse as I went through school and college. I felt so lost and unwanted by everyone and everything around me. I didn’t know how to fix this situation but what I did know without question was I going to make it as failure was not an option as that would mean my life. Constantly feeling miss understood by my peers and family I felt like I was going crazy and couldn’t not see how I was to life my howl life feeling this way. I seeked the help from doctors but all the medication they kept giving me wasn’t helping my problems all it was doing was masking it like putting a plaster over the cut and it was only making me into a vegetable as I found it so difficult to function on all the medication they had given to me.

So I had to make a choice , I could either carry on with my medication, let this take control of my life and not function or I could find another way to cure myself. So I decided I was going to take control of the situation and take my power back. So I started looking for answers , answers to all the questions I had and I was going to find them. I made it into my life’s work to find out what my purpose was, why was I hear and what am I to do. As I was not about to be controlled anymore by anything externally like circumstances or people.
Through extensive research and training I started to discover the answers to all my questions and in that I started to understand myself and the world in a howl different way. I began to transform into someone I had only dreamed of being and then I realised that this is my purpose this is what I had been put on this planet to do. To help all those that want help in improving their life and the life’s of people around them. My Research extended to Quantum physics, Quantum mechanics, Astrology, Neurology, NLP and so much more. The more I learnt the more I understood how to master the mind and change habits to make lasting change in ones life. I stand before you today with no depression , No anxiety and No PTSD from using all the knowledge I have required through my past 4 years of research.

"Quitting is never an option, you was born a winner and win you will"...

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