Confidence  creation -
'Building your better Self.’

                                                                                                                                          Love from Essence of Power by LVS 

How do we create confidence?

This is the question on everyone’s mind.  Let me ask you this, If you had overflowing confidence, what would you do with your life? 

Sit and think for a second?

We have been sold s lie by the  society we live in from the day we
was born. Confidence is not something that an be accumulated or given to you, Confidence
is something you are all-ready  have laying dormant inside you waiting for you to realise just how powerful you are and
unlock it from within.

Like any skill, in order to be the best at creating your confidence and keeping it, is to practise the skill daily.

3 Strategies: 

1. Act confident - " Fake it till you make it" 

2. No Comparison - " Never compare yourself to external things and people" 

3. Be kid to ones self - " Self love is the greatest love of all" 

First things first...

To maximise building this skill I would suggest making these strategies into a daily routine to make sure you are

training your subconscious for success.

Now as I mentioned before there are other strategies that you can use to help improve your confidence.

I am a true believe in self-education so I invite you to research for yourself, see what works for you and if something
doesn’t work it's OK as their are so may strategies to try its just about finding what works for you.

“Your Mind is the greatest asset you posses, its your job to prime it for success.”

“You are born a winner”. 

The key to creating confidence Is first recognising and acknowledge it is something you want to improve by doing this you are saying to your

subconscious that it has work to do on self- improvement and it will then do what the subconscious is made to do and seek out the answer to your question.

Act Confident... "Fake it till you make it"

 I’m sure you have all heard the saying "Fake it till you make it"  Well this is what that saying means, so lets explore this a little more. 

As your subconscious can’t tell the different between what is real and what is not this is a great way of tricking your body to respond in a way were it actually believes on a subconscious level that you are a confident person

Therefor allow you to naturally act out the actions of a more confident person.

By doing this you will then take yourself in to the energy flow of confidence and before you know it you have practised this so much that your body then knows to do it better than your mind.

This is when you know you have developed this new skill into a habit that will now start to work for you with little to no effort on your part anymore.

No Comparisons... " You are perfect just the way you are"

Avoid Comparisons - what is meant by this is do no compare yourself with other people or external things. 

You are born perfect in every-way and every single one of us is different, we all grow and experience life in our own universe.

I heard a saying once that said-  The flower that grows next to the sunflower does not look at the sunflower to determine how it will grow , it grows on its on in
its own time.

Like the flowers we are all different and need different things to grow and grow in our own time. So avoid comparing yourself
to others it’s a pointless exercise and will only have the revers effect on you and what you are trying to achieve.

Be kind to yourself... "you are what you tell yourself you are"

We need to start being kinder to one’s self . We are all guilty of talking bad to our self in our mind and also out load. We also do things that shows no self love towards yourself, without even realising what you are doing. 

There is enough from the outside world judging us and telling us we are not good enough, it’s all around us. So it is your job to protect your mind from
these lies, because it is ALL lies, nothing but you can determine if you will succeed.

A way you can do that is by reminding yourself on a daily bases that you are doing a great job with the information you have now
and you know what you are doing , you trust yourself that you are doing the best for yourself. Give yourself regular praise, we don’t hear enough positive
things about are self, so its your job to prime yourself with positive talk about yourself.

Make sure you are conscious of the way you speak 
about yourself remember that, 

                                                                                                                  “Thoughts are things”.